Welcome to WaterPACT

What is WaterPACT?

WaterPACT stands for Water Prediction and Control Technology. WaterPACT is a network of academic and national/international water institutions that operate in the field of water management. They have joined forces in bringing prediction and control of water systems to a higher level, by means of sharing scientific knowledge and collaboration in projects.

WaterPaCT globally considers the following key topics:

  • Modelling and identification approaches for the control/supervision of water resources systems.
  • Forecasting methods to predict uncertain variables (e.g., rain, water demand) in water systems.
  • Design of off-line/on-line control approaches for large-scale water systems using either centralized/decentralized/distributed approaches.
  • Design of supervision approaches that allow validation, reposition and integration of data obtained from tele-measurement, remote sensing, mobile sensor systems, virtual and human sensor systems.